Welcome to District of Bageshwar

Situated at the confluence of rivers Saryu, Gomti and latent Bhagirathi, lies the holy township of Bageshwar; also revered as the pious land associated with Lord Sadashiva, the redeemer of all sins. As the puranas state, this undoubtedly is a place capable of liberating one from the eternal bondage of births & deaths. With the east and west flanked by the Bhileswar and Nileshwar mountains and surrounded by Suraj Kund in the north and Agni Kund in the south, this land of Lord Shankar is of great religious, historic and political significance.



Baijnath Temple

The temples at Baijnath proper are situated on the left bank of the Gomti. On the way to the main temple, just below the house the Mahanta, is the temple of Bamani (A corrupt form of Sanskrit Brahmani). Tradition of the place says that it was built by Brahmin widon and was dedicated by her to God Shiva. Another story states that a Brahmin woman who was kidnapped by a Kshatriya built. The temple in favour of Shiva for the expiation of her sins. There is an idol of Shiva inside the temple. It has no inscriptions. The construction of the temple does not differ from that of the Tailihata group, so it may also be said to belong the same period. The main temple, dedicated to Baijnath or Vaidhyanatha (a name of Shiva), which gives its name to the present village is situated near the Gomti. The temple is approacehed from the riverside by a flight of steps made of stones constructed by the orders of Katyuri queen. The place was and is a bathing place of the inhabitants who have now made a Kachha pond near the temple.


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