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Govt PG College Kapkot


 Government Degree College Kapkote(Bageshwar)


               Home: Govt. Degree College Kapkote was established in 5th November, 2005 near a small village Asaun (Block Kapkote) in the fringe of great Himalayas on the bank of river Saryu in the state of Uttarakhand.

            The State Govt. has imaginative and effective resource mobilization and management strategies for its development. The college follows the policy of State Govt. and the University (Kumaun University) for admission, teaching schedule, syllabi, other academic activities and examination for the orderly development of education at the institution. The University awards Degrees to the successful candidates, at different levels, concerning respective courses.




                Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Home- science, Drawing and Painting, History, Economics and Sociology are the subjects under the faculty of Arts, taught at graduation level in this institution.

               Uttarakhand State – Govt. has accepted the proposal of Running Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology and Information – Technology under the head of Science Faculty and Geography and Tourism under Arts faculty recently. After the appointment in the concerning faculty science subjects will also be commenced along with the subjects related to Arts.


Goals of the college 

  1. Innovation and diversification.
  2. Qualitative elevation of academic reciprocation.
  3. Expansion and optimum use of infrastructure including the helping hand and creative zeal of aware local public - representatives and citizen.
  4. Encouragement of quality research work chiefly focusing on relevant and job oriented spheres of life.
  5. Effective implementation of Govt. policy and plans with their relevant fructification through the youth filled with sanguine attitude for life.
  6. Adapting to the best practices and benchmarking towards the quest of excellence.


Objectives of the college

 Integration of interestingly illustrative instilling and imparting of knowledge as essential part of teaching.

  1. Efforts to increase teaching days.
  2. Computer literacy to the students and use of technology in office management.
  3.  Introduction of P.G. courses.
  4. Maximize efforts to get financial assistance from various agencies.
  5. Personality development and career counseling.



 Developing of manpower by creation and dissemination of knowledge and skills in conventional and frontier areas through state of Art teaching and learning, research, extension and consultancy with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics committed to excellence, promotion of art, science and culture in order to make Uttarakhand a state contributing significantly in national development by making a niche among the renowned universities of the world as the hub and centre of wisdom.


Other links                           


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Kumoun University                                                      

Gharwal University                                                      

UGC Academic Staff College                                                 

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Directorate Higher Education,Uttarakhand                      



Principal Desk



                With great gusto and glee I foresee the crystal – clear future state of things; academic reciprocity strengthened, augmented and made widely prevalent for the benefit of scholastic activities through the commencement of our Website. Today, when information technology has still room for novel innovative, unprecedented and sophisticated destinations to be discovered and mastered, our site will prove to be a glimmering beacon and cementing anchor in the domain of Minerva for the manipulation of human resources in global perspective.

                  I am grateful to all the aware parents, public – representatives and students of this region who directed all their efforts to establish this centre of higher education, so that the inherent thirst for wisdom might be quenched.

                  Education emancipates human soul from the disharmonious and incongruous shackles of caste and social – strata. A man of letters, in true sense of the term, refines and elevates the environmental and atmospheric existential components eradicating hackneyed and superstitious dogmatic barriers from the path of all round development keeping in mind ecological harmony and is always guided by holistic vision. Such gems of knowledge, we intend to instill in creative and pliable brains of our students, so that our planet may be handed over as a rich and virile legacy for the coming generations, a preparatory ground for the achievement of zenithal point of social, cultural, economic and overall philanthropic upliftment.

                  I strongly look forward for all round development of my students with blessings from the core of my heart and invoke them to ponder over our existential key – note---

            From harmony unto harmony thus the world goes.


                                                                                            Dr. Govind Singh Rawat


Our Faculty


Name: Dr. K.K.Pant

Designation: Assistant Professor in English Department

Qualification: M. A.; Ph.D.

Specialization: Linguistics and Phonetics                                              

 Seminar, Conference/Workshop:         06

Date of Birth: 02/11/1972

Permanent Address: Village- Khitoli, P.O. - Berinag

Dist. –Pithoragarh     262 531

Cell No. 9411367238

 Name: Dr. Neeta Shah                                                                 

Designation: Samvida Lecturer in Hindi Department 

Qualification: M. A.; Ph.D.

Specialization:  Kavya                                                                            

 Date of Birth: 01/07/1966

Permanent Address: Village- Haripuram/ Haripur Sukha

Manpur Paschim , Rampur Road; P.O.- Dewalchaur(Haldwani)

Dist. – Nainital     pin: 263 139

Cell No. 9412950914

Name: Dr. Munna Joshi                                                    

Designation: Samvida Lecturer in Sanskrit Department     

Qualification: M. A.; Ph.D.                                                            

Specialization: Gadya Sahitya                                                             

 Seminar, Conference/Workshop:         02 and 02

Date of Birth: 05/07/1979

Permanent Address: Village- Joshikhola, Uchhat, Pothing

Post Office – Pothing ; Dist. – Bageshwar   263 632

Cell No. 9410598968

Name: Ms. Mamta Suyal

Designation: Samvida Lecturer in Drawing & Painting Department    


Specialization: Landscape & Modern Art                                                                                                   

 Seminar, Conference/Workshop:         02 and 01

Date of Birth: 28/09/1982

Permanent Address: Village- Gangarampur

 P.O. - Motahaldu(Haldwani) Dist. – Nainital    

 Cell No. 945610555         




Name: Dr. P. K. J ha                                                                                                                                                     

Designation: Samvida Lecturer in Economics Department     

Qualification: M. A.; Ph.D.; NET

Specialization: Mathematical Eco.  Statistics

Rural Development                                                                           

Seminar, Conference/Workshop/Publication:     08 and 05

Attended 04 Training courses in Research Methodology and Computer Applications.

Attended Trainers Training on Peace and Conflict Resolution

Worked as a Coordinator of 02 Research Methodology Training Courses sponsored by I.C.S.S.R. New Delhi.

Research Experiences of different Govt. Research Projects: 4.5 years

Teaching Experience at U. G. & P.G. level: 10years

Date of Birth: 01/07/1966

Permanent Address: Village & Post – Bath, Thana - Madhepur

Dist. – Madhubani (Bihar)       Pin: 847 408

Cell No. 9410306939

Name: Ms. Rubi Tabssum

Designation: Samvida Lecturer in History Department    

Qualification: M. A.; Ancient History

                       M.A.; Medieval History

                       NET- JRF

 Seminar, Conference/Workshop:         01

Date of Birth: 25/08/1975

Permanent Address: c/o Mr. Rafik Ahamad H.No.-05

Dhara Road, Momi Mahal,

Dist. – Faijabad , Uttarpredesh         224 001 

Cell No. 9456334844



 Resume of the Principal

Name: Dr. G.S.Rawat

Qualification: M.Sc.; Ph. D.; D.D.E (I.G.N.O.U.)

Specialization: Physical Chemistry

Publication: 24 Research Papers are published.

Research Guide: 12 students got Ph.D. Degree under the supervision of Dr. Rawat.

Permanent Address; Village & Post- Dhikuli(Ramnagar)

Dist. – Nainital, Uttarakhand 

Pin: 244 715

Mail I.D.


Student Enrollment





  Office Staff


  1.    Mr. Vinod Mehra ---------------Pravar Sahayak
  2.    Ms. Sangita Dhyani-------------Lab. Assistant Home – Science (Samvida)
  3.    Mr. Trilok Singh Gariye --------Anusewak
  4.    Mr. Dinesh Chandra Oli --------Anusewak
  5.    Mr. Rohit Kumar -----------------Anusewak (Samvida)



  1. Rural N.S.S.: 176 enthusiastic members are enrolled in N.S.S. who are always eager and have been effective to carry out Gandhian concepts for the benefit of society.
  2. Red Ribbon Club: 27embers always spread awareness through different individual and collective activities with the collaboration of different Govt. and non – Govt. institutions among the villagers in persuasive and convincing methods.
  3. Study Centre: Open University of Uttarakhand has chosen our institute for its various fruitful academic activities and examination center also. Write now 04 courses are running in effective way with the prospect of novel vista in academic field to be accepted and encouraged by the concerning University.
  4. Projects: State Govt. has recently granted our novel and practically innovative projects after the strong recommendation of District Authority through Nwachar Nidhi under 13th Finance Commission about following courses to be run as the preparatory steps to make the students economically independent so that  migration and migration – engendered vices may get nip in the bud-

 a)      Functional English

b)      Computer Application

c)      Non – wood Production management

d)     Entrepreneurship

e)      Marketing  Management


 Tour de force

  1. Gold Medalist: Shahi Munni Pratap Singh has achieved gold medal for standing I at graduation level in 2009 in the examination, conducted by Kumaun University Nainital.
  2. River Rafting and Mountaineering: Km. Aasha Bisht, Km. Shobha Barti and Rajesh Mehta have participated and perfected themselves in the aforesaid adventurous activity. Now a days these students are serving as Guides and Instructors of the concerning activities.
  3. National Level Participation: Km. Seema Aithani and Rajesh Mehta have partaken of National Integration Camp held in Pune in 2011.